This is DC’s sustainability commitment: Changing the world for the generations to come.

The “Plantio DC” has already planted over 49,546 trees, delivering a greener world for the generations to come, and you can also be a part of it.

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What is the Plantio DC:

Since 2010 DC Logistics Brasil has done the Plantio DC, an environmental initiative with the goal of planting one tree for every shipment done during a one-month period.

The campaign was borne on the idea of social and environmental responsibility as a means of exercising ethics and citizenship. This commitment is part of the company main directives, assuring at its core that the good actions taken in the present, reflect a better future, respecting all forms of life.

In 2023, the Plantio DC reached the record of 5.755 new trees planted. Let's transform the world through sustainability once again?

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Ask a quotation and start contributing with the Plantio DC!

Contributing with the campaign and help shaping the future is simple: book an international shipment with DC and a tree will be planted.

Regardless of the transport mode or cargo specs, your shipment will directly influence the renewing of the green areas and the mark we leave for the future.

Fill out the form to request a free quote and start your participation in the Plantio DC 2023!

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